The Backyard opens in!
  • Bronx Spring Hopback Series Batch #3 Now Available

    Infused with Cranberries from Deer River Cranberry, Brasherfalls, NY

  • Batch #2 of Bronx Spring Pale Ale hits NYC this week

    Infused with fresh Rhubarb from Beth’s Farm Kitchen, Stuyvesant, NY

  • Infused with Juniper Berries from NY Distilling Co (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Craft Beer Done Right

    No games, no pretense, just great beer for people who love great beer.

  • Why Pale Ales?

    Simple: That’s the beer we love to drink. We believe that great beer comes from sticking to what you know and striving for perfection.

Welcome to The Bronx Brewery

ABV:6.3% IBU:50 SRM:20 OG:1.064 FG:1.016
ABV:6.7% IBU:36 SRM:4.7 OG:1.067 FG:1.017
ABV:6.3% IBU:58 SRM:8 OG:1.064 FG:1.016
ABV:5.0% IBU:59 SRM:5.2 OG:1.052 FG:1.014